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Our Services

Our Services


Site surveys

We strongly believe in conducting site surveys prior to undertaking any project or fabrication of any equipment. This is to help us get visual understanding and conceptualize the client’s idea. It also enables us to offer a tailor made solution and ensure that we are efficient enough right from stage one.Our projects are handled progressively with total involvement and regular updates and reports to our clients.We also are able to understand our client’s budgets, their time frames and guide them accordingly.

Layout and design

Our layout designs ensure that the right choice of orientation, maximum utilisation of space. Our experienced architectural engineers are well trained in assisting our clients on the floor plan.

Installation & commissioning

Our team of experts ensure that from the fabrication of the equipment at the workshop, we follow the drawings given by the technical engineers. Our equipment are tested at every stage to ensure that they meet the required standards. Upon completion of fabrication of the equipment, it is then tested to ensure that it is perfectly in order before delivering it to the client. We ensure that our equipment are not hazardous to the users and the environs. Safety is highly prioritised in fabrication of our equipment. We also train the client on how to use the equipment and maintain it in good condition

Service & maintenance

At Capex, we love keeping the customer happy. We pride ourselves in not only offering good customer service but also excellent after sales services. Every equipment provided by our company is accompanied by a warranty which the length of time covered depends on the nature of the equipment. We also maintain proper documentation of each equipment supplied to all of our clients and also offer repairs whenever we are called upon to do so. We also offer maintenance services quarterly where we have maintenance contracts with our clients, this is regardless of whether we were the initial suppliers of the equipment or not.​

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